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  • English Literature: 200 most popular books in English literature you need to read. http://sbitrainingsolutions.blogspot.ch/2015/03/literature-list-of-must-read-200-most.html
  • German Literature, an Overview: http://sbitrainingsolutions.blogspot.ch/2015/01/german-literature-overview.html
  • Asian Literature.Other useful links on Eastern Philosophers: http://www.bachelorsdegreeonline.com/blog/2012/the-8-eastern-philosophers-every-student-should-study/
  • History: The History Matters Archive contains tens of thousands of pages of scanned reports, transcripts, and other documents, dozens of hours of audio, and a variety of photographic materials. It includes both old and new—from reports published in the 1960s to formerly-secret records declassified as recently as the year 2000. http://www.historymatters.com/
  • Intercultural studies: YourVietBooks selection of books and articles on and about Vietnam. Categories include: Culture, History, Vietnam War, Politics, Biographies, Contemporary Vietnam, International Relations, Doing Business in Vietnam, Reference and Languages, Zen Buddhism, Philosophy, Art and Literature. http://www.yourvietbooks.com/
  • French Literature on Philosophy and Epistemology of Sciences: http://sbitrainingsolutions.blogspot.ch/2015/01/epistemologie-et-philosophie-des.html
  • Chinese philosophers: list on my research Blog on Epistemology and Research Methodology. http://sbitrainingsolutions.blogspot.ch/
  • Mind in Indian Buddhist Philosophers: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/mind-indian-buddhism/
  • Indian philosophers: The Complete Published Works 1933-1986 by Krishnamurti. http://www.jkrishnamurti.org/krishnamurti-teachings/index.php
  • Vietnamese teachings in philosophy: http://sbitrainingsolutions.blogspot.ch/2015/04/on-philosophy-cac-chu-e-triet-hoc.html
  • Philosophy of History: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/history/
  • Theme issues in History and Theory Studies: http://www.historyandtheory.org/themeissues.html
  • Sites related to History and Philosophy: http://www.historyandtheory.org/othersites.html
  • Network of Concerned Historians: http://www.concernedhistorians.org/content/home.html
  • The International Network for Theory of History: http://www.inth.ugent.be/
  • World History: http://www.unifiniti.com/
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: http://plato.stanford.edu/
  • History of Philosophy: http://www.iep.utm.edu/
  • Moral Philosophy: Metaethics, Normative Ethics, Applied Ethics.http://sbitrainingsolutions.blogspot.ch/2015/04/moral-philosophy.html
  • Moral Theories: An Introduction. http://sbitrainingsolutions.blogspot.ch/2014/12/moral-theories-introduction.html
  • Ethics and sustainable development:  French publications supported by the FPH Foundation (Fondation du progrès de l’Homme). http://www.fph.ch/rubrique8.html
  • Ethics and Theology for Life and Sustainable Development:  Focus series by Globethics.net Publications, for free download. http://www.globethics.net/web/ge/focus-series
  • Deontological Ethics: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/ethics-deontological/
  • Social Networking and Ethics: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/ethics-social-networking/
  • Humanities Online Home Page: http://h-net.msu.edu/
  • Useful networking opportunities with groups on History and Cultural Studies: https://networks.h-net.org/networks. History and Studies on African American, African American, Asian American, Atlantic, Australian and New Zealand, Black, British, Canadian, Chinese, Colonial and Post-Colonial, Cultural, East Asian, Eastern European, Ethnic, French, Japanese, Jewish, Latin American and Caribbean, Mexican, Middle East, Modern Middle East and North Africa, Native American, Russian, Russian and Soviet, Slavic, South Asian, US Regional, World.
  • Useful networking opportunities with groups on History and Studies (https://networks.h-net.org/networks) of Education, Law and Legal, Immigration, Maritime, Military,  Nationalism, Political, Race, Religious, Rhetorical, Rural, Social, State and Local, Sport, Urban, etc.
  • Useful network for research opportunities: Network of French Institutes for Advanced Study (http://www.rfiea.fr/) initiated by the NetIAS with the support of the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme. Other IAS members list are available under http://www.2017-2018.eurias-fp.eu/institutes).
  • Doctoral thesis on Ethics from the South: Thesis series by Globethics Publications, for free download. http://www.globethics.net/theses-series. New Search function for Globethics.net Online Library allows you to search the library database directly from Globethics.net homepage.
  • The EURIAS Fellowship Programme (Eurias) publications: http://www.2017-2018.eurias-fp.eu/news
  • Globethics Academy: Online Courses on Ethics. Discover our online course on responsible leadership with 14 lectures from all continents.
  • The UN Digital Library https://digitallibrary.un.org/reported by Library journal: http://www.infodocket.com/2017/05/17/research-tools-say-hello-to-the-united-nations-digital-library/
  • AP Higher Education: Course & Exam Development, Course & Exam Redesign, Exam Scores, AP Capstone, Credit & Placement policies, Research & Reports on Education. Home page: https://aphighered.collegeboard.org/

  • AP Program Research and Publications, Assessment Data, Validity Services, Accuplacer, CLEP, PSAT-related assessments, SAT, Springboard, https://research.collegeboard.org/programs


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