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Information Technology & Innovation


This course introduces computers and computer applications. It provides an overview of the concepts, operating characteristics, and capabilities of modern computer systems in our society. Topics include computer hardware and software, communications and networking, personal computer tools, management information systems, computer ethics, and computer security and systems analysis. Demonstrations of various technologies are included. Students are required to perform 10 hours of hands-on experience in a PC environment outside class time.

MCAP 303 Organization & Technology of Information Management*

This course will prepare the student for professional involvement with computer and information systems through an understanding of the organization and management aspects of such systems. This includes the management information software; ways of gathering, sorting and distributing information and data; and evaluating software and hardware. Prerequisite COMP125.

TEC 501 Quantitative Methods & Modeling

This course introduces the quantitative techniques for managers’ decision-making with case studies and exercises using spreadsheet and data analysis tools and computerized research.  Students learn on conceptual application of statistical methods and reasoning.  Topics include Decision Analysis, Simulation, Linear Programming, Transportation and Assignment Models, Forecasting, Network Models, and Waiting Lines and Queuing Theory Models.

TEC 502 Information Techniques

Foundation course presenting the fundamentals of hardware, software and networks and computer skills in the use of standard personal productivity applications as prerequisites for the Corporate Information Systems course and courses in digital productions.

CIM Value Creation Through Information Technology (T. Jelassi)

Today’s technological capabilities are revolutionizing processes, organizations and markets. In particular, information technology (IT) is evolving at a dizzying pace and impacting all business sectors and industries. Therefore, in order to survive and thrive in this new digital environment, managers and knowledge workers need to comprehend the new business opportunities and pitfalls that have emerged. The focus of this module is on business strategies and management approaches for leveraging IT capabilities to improve efficiency and effectiveness as well as to achieve a competitive advantage in the market place. The objective is to help you and your organization to gain business value from these technologies, and be among the winners in the new digital world. This module will also expose you to some best business practices, which will be illustrated through actual case studies developed by the Professor in different industries and countries.


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