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Top-up BBA Entrepreneurial Leadership

For students who wish to specialize on the topic of General Management, Finance, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Human Resources, or Marketing during their 3rd and 4th year study and plan to get their MBA in the same discipline, it is recommended to plan your career early at this stage to be more competitive in the field of your choice.

Here is how to build your study plan to get the Top-up BBA with Concentration ‘Entrepreneurial Leadership‘.

First, take the Top-up Foundation 15 courses

ECO301 International Economics
MGMT 321 Organizational Behavior and Management
BUS 310 Business Ethics
BUS 301 Business Law
MGMT 331 Project Management Essentials
ACCT306 Accounting
STAT 323 Introduction to Statistics
MGMT 324 Introduction to Human Resource Management
MGMT 312 International Business Management
MGMT 330 Organizational Communications
MRKT 420 International Marketing
FIN 420 International Banking and Finance
MGMT 427 Operations and Project Management
MGMT435 Strategic Management and Planning
RES 480 Capstone Project

Then, add these five courses

Concentration in Entrepreneurial Leadership

MGMT 401 Data Analysis & Decision-Making for Managers
BUS 402 Small Business Management
MRKT 403 Sales & Marketing
BUS 404 Business Opportunity Analysis
BUS 405 New Ventures and E-Business


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