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Research Topics on Leadership, Global Ethics & Governance

Research Topics on Leadership, Global Ethics & Governance – 5 areas of focus

  • General Education Studies: Key concepts include Literature, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology & People Skills, Intercultural & interreligious Studies, History, Geography, Anthropology of Education, cross-cultural communication, Normative Ethics, Socio Media Marketing, Strategic Thinking, Analytical Skills, Critical Thinking.
  •  Business Foundations and Principles, Management: Key concepts include Management, Business Strategy, Organizational Leadership,  Socio media Communication, Applied Ethics, Ethics in Economics, Business Ethics, Responsible Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Management and Innovation.
  • International Studies: Key concepts include  Theories and institutions, intercultural communication, global marketing, international economics, international trade and investment, cross-national cooperation and agreements, Business and Globalization, World Financial Environment.
  • International Relations & Global Governance : Key concepts include Development and Governance, Comparative environmental frameworks, International Relations, Cultural Diplomacy, Geopolitics, World Politics, Political Leadership, Ethics in Politics, International Economic Law, Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) and Arbitration.
  • Research Methodology and Thesis Dissertation: Key concepts include Research Ethics, Scientific Research, Code of Conduct, Code of Deontology, Capstone Project, Quantitative Methodology, Code Book, Ethics in Higher Education, Methods and Statistics in Social Science Spezialisation, Robotics Specialization.

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