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Research Orientation for doctoral candidates

  • Students are guided individually by our qualified faculty to identify the topics of their research.
  • Individual coaching are provided to students either in class or by distance, depending on the choice of topics.
  • The degree are issued by our Academic partners according to international academic standards and based on our principles in Research Ethics.

Some examples in Research on Applied Ethics as suggested by Globethics.net include the following:

  1. Business Ethics
  2. Interreligious Ethics
  3. Responsible Leadership
  4. Information Ethics
  5. Sustainable development

Other examples on Doctoral Schools in France

Procedures for students to follow @Agroparistech:

Candidates must be enrolled at one of the establishments (linked to ABIES) which qualify to deliver doctoral degrees (AgroParisTech, Universities Paris Denis-Diderot, Paris-Sud and Paris-Est).

Thesis inscription is completed by the ABIES Doctoral School Director upon recognition that the applicant has fulfilled the following 5 conditions:

  • Have a Master’s degree (or equivalent),
  • Have a thesis subject,
  • Have a welcoming laboratory,
  • Have assured thesis financing for all three years,
  • Have a thesis director.

During the initial inscription for the doctorate, the thesis charter is signed by the doctoral student, the thesis director, the Doctoral School Director and the person in charge of the welcoming unit or team.

Thesis subject

The thesis subject is usually proposed by the thesis director, the welcoming laboratory or the person in charge of financing the thesis. It must have been determined before thesis inscription. Here is the link to the training catalogue:  http://www.agroparistech.fr/abies/index.php/en/phd-student/training-catalogue

(lMore to come…)




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