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Reporting: Maths, Statistics, IT Tools


MATH 110 College Math: Algebra*

This is an introductory level course in algebra. Topics include properties of real numbers, performing operations with polynomials, graphing equations and inequalities, radicals and exponents, and solving systems of equations and quadratic equations. Students will acquire familiarity with algebraic techniques and be able to solve equations in a documented, logically sequential manner. Students will be able to apply these techniques to work problems and create their own applications to real-life situations in areas that are relevant to their experience and to future course work.

STAT 323 Research & Statistical Analysis*

This course is an introduction to the methods and tools of general research. It includes the application of the research process to problem solving and the types of research undertaken and appropriate means of conducting them. Attention to secondary source research through bibliographic methods and on-line resources via the Internet is included. Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics, including frequency distribution, variability, regression, and correlation will be discussed. A computerized statistical tool is used in the course. Prerequisite MATH110

SCIE 112 Environmental Science*

This course emphasizes the biological and environmental problems facing society. Basic concepts of environment and ecology will be discussed including topics such as the ecosystem concept, the impact of humankind on nature, human population dynamics, alternate energy sources, solid and nuclear waste problems, water and air pollution, endangered species, land use, and conservation.  May be replaced by SCIE 106

STAT 530 Financial Statistical Analysis

The course introduces basic concepts in collection, presentation, analysis, and interpretation of data, emphasizing capabilities of different statistical techniques and business applications. Topics include descriptive statistics, probability theory, statistical estimation, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, regression analysis, and nonparametric statistical techniques.

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