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Principles & Strategic Marketing Management


CIM Introduction to marketing and marketing strategy

The purpose of this course is to provide a broad-based overview of the marketing discipline, within an English-language context, with particular focus on its international aspects.  The focus is on both the general principles of marketing as well as current and future trends that impact real-life practice. Students will learn the fundamentals of marketing, the marketing mix, marketing strategy, and key marketing analysis tools while applying them to cases and the development of their own marketing plans.

MRKT 110 Principles of Marketing*

This is an introductory course in the study of marketing presenting basic principles and practices. Topics include marketing orientation, external environments, the industry’s code of ethics, and the importance of marketing to the economy and the business firm and more. Emphasis is placed on marketing strategy: the target consumer plus product, price, promotion, and place.

MRKT 319 Principles of Marketing and Advertising*

This course provides an overview of the field of marketing to give students an awareness of the institutions and methods employed in the marketing of goods and services. Discussions cover such topics as marketing strategies, opportunity and environmental analysis, new product development, and pricing. Different types of advertising media and their adaptation to various types of business activities are reviewed.

MGMT 324 International Marketing*

This course deals with various differences in cultural, economic and legal factors as they related to the marketing process. This is systematic treatment marketing on a global scale, extending basic principles into foreign requirements.

MKT 601 Marketing in a Global Environment

This course introduces global marketing operations within the international environment in which firms operate in recent developments of international business activities. Students learn on the basic forces driving international business and marketing operations. Market entry strategies and global marketing mix policies, as well as export operations. Organizational issues related to the globalization of the firm.

MKT 605 Marketing Financial Services

All bank personnel responsible for conceiving or carrying out any phase of a bank’s marketing efforts, including bank personnel in customer-contact and operations positions, management trainees, and persons entering banking at the mid-management level. This course trains students to:

  • Describe the stages in the marketing planning process
  • List the four elements of the marketing mix as they apply to the marketing of bank services
  • Recognize consumer motivation and buying behavior
  • Identify key issues or strategies relating to banking products and the pricing, promotion and distribution of bank services
  • Integrate public relations, advertising, sales promotion, selling, and service distribution functions in your bank’s overall marketing plan

Special attention goes to the analysis of a number of relatively recent cases, lectures.

MRKT 610 Strategic Marketing

The focus of this course is strategic marketing analysis and marketing planning. Learners will study the components and construction of a strategic marketing plan, and they will learn to analyze complex marketing situations/decisions. This course reviews trends in marketing including the integration of marketing communications, customer relationship management, global markets, the impact of e-commerce and the expanding organizational role of marketing.

MRKT 620  Market Research

Student learn on the development, implementation, identification and generation of information from research as input to marketing decisions. Emphasis is given to the marketing manager’s perspective in determining whether additional information is needed and, how the information should be acquired. Topics include problem definition, model building, systems design, research design and budgeting, and interpretation and reporting of information. This course makes extensive use of statistical software.

MRKT 630 Multinational Marketing

This course introduces the student to global marketing concepts and strategies. It examines problems of performing various marketing functions in other countries. Emphasis is on understanding the different cultural, economic, political, social and legal environments in which a firm’s product might be marketed in global settings and to formulate strategies for such markets.

MRKT 640 Digital Marketing

Recent changes in consumer behavior and opportunities, problems, tactics and strategies associated with incorporating electronic methods into the marketing function are examined. The course also includes discussion of current metrics used to gauge the effectiveness of digital advertising. Subjects include: eCommerce, Lead Generation, Retargeting; Web Sites, Media Planning, Branding; On-Line Advertising, Advertising Tools, Display Advertising; Digital Campaigns; Search Engine Marketing; Social Media Marketing; Mobile Media.

MCO 607 Communication and Media Strategies

Students learn on how to use social and operational aspects of communication through a web site and to develop a web site according to the strategy of the organization. The specific tools of Internet marketing: traffic building, online advertising, search engine marketing, email marketing, and affiliation programs. Course includes techniques how develop an Internet marketing plan.


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