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Economics & Business Basics


  • Discipline: Business Foundations and Principles, Management & Leadership
  • Key concepts: Management, Business Strategy, Organizational Leadership,  Socio media Communication, Applied Ethics, Ethics in Economics, Business Ethics, Responsible Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Management and Innovation. Recommended Courses, click here.
  • Partner Institutions: EURUNI, GBS, MBS, INSEEC, HEG, ENPC, UNISA, UNN, etc.
  • Type of Degree /Diploma: AA, Top up BBA, CAS, DAS, pre-MBA, EMBA
  • Career opportunities: Team Leader, Manager, Entrepreneur, Production Manager, Financial Analyst, IT specialist, Accounting, Executive Assistant to Director.
  • Recommended skills enhancement courses: for Business Reporting, click here; for Financial Reporting, click here; for Strategic Management & Leadership, click here; for International Trade, click here; for mini-MBA skills, click here.


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