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Special Features

English for MBA’s Course Material

  • Bi-lingual lexicons provide Students who wish to improve their English vocabulary by discipline.
  • Guided translation exercises are monitored by our bi-lingual Monitors for a better comprehension of each subjects.
  • Adapted Quizzes prepare students for exam questions. We organize mock exams to prepare students for entry admission exams required by selected schools.

Capstone Project – Final Thesis

  • Students have the possibility to be guided from the start of the Course to identify a topic which will lead to the Final Thesis or Capstone Project.
  • Our Coach are qualified teachers with many years of teaching experience and international exposure.

Study Abroad Experience

  • Executive programs offered by our international academic partners include a study abroad experience by attending a series of short courses and seminars with possible interaction with our international student body.
  • Calendar of events with information on scheduled course can be consulted by students who wish to get support by SBI training team to enrol on these courses.

Scholarships & Financial Assistance

  • We recommend a series of scholarships worldwide offered by partner universities.
  • Students wishing to get support to apply for these scholarships are coached individually on a case-by-case basis.

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